Atta welfare foundation started a new water well project for poor orphans to help the IES program!

Water well for the Masjid Dear friends! Today I came to the home of almighty Allah, the Masjid sharif. This is the place where we offer prayer for five times and beg Allah for mercy on us. This is our bad luck that the Masjid do not have clean water for ablution. The residents of the village cannot afford the water well expenses due to the poverty. Like this Masjid, we have numerous other Masjids and madrasas which have the same problem. If you want to donate your sadaqah against your late family members, please donate it for the Masjid’s water wells. For this reason, I have started water well project for this Masjid which will be completed sooner inshallah. For more details, please watch this video.

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