Rashid Khan and Atta welfare foundation in Service of their Nation.

Food assistance to widow mothers for the holy month of Ramadan Dear Muslims! As you know that this is the holy month of Ramadan and we have nothing except the poverty, disappointers and worries in our country. Everywhere we see, the widows and orphans have tears in their eyes with pray to Allah for his mercy. Our orphans do not have anything for fastening in their homes. In such difficult situations, Atta Welfare Foundation and Rashid Khan Foundation jointly provide food relief assistance to 102 families in need during the holy month of Ramadan. Rashid Khan is not only the national cricket team hero but he has also won the hearts of poor people in the country. I am most thankful to Mr. Rashid Khan who cooperated with Atta Welfare Foundation in this issue. For more details, please watch this video

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