TODAY! My Father Donated an AMBULANCE - Net Worth 2.5 MILLION Afghani to AWF

Respectful friends! As you all are aware that Atta Welfare Foundation (AWF) has taken concrete steps for the prosperity and happiness of the poor and helpless Afghans. Our goal is to wipe the tears off of the helpless and replace it with a smile on their face. to Achieve this Goal we have fully dedicated ourselves by working day and night to accomplished this goal. I am most thankful and grateful to my Father who today donated THREE AMBULANCES costing a TOTAL of 2.5 MILLION Afghanis. The ambulance service and paramedics are very important especially in our society, here in Afghanistan, as they save hundreds of lives daily by responding to emergency calls. It is a very important service especially considering the complicated situation in our Country (Afghanistan) and now the current situation (COVID-19) around the World. But this is still not enough. I ask all you brothers and sisters to help me help the society by sending sadaqah (charity) to pay for the maintenance of the vehicle and keep the service going for as long as we breath.

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