The Messanger of Allah said, who make a house of Allah, Allah make for this person house. join(AWF)

Carpets for the House Of Allah!Masjid is a place where the students are thought the Islamic teaching. We see everyone is busy in daily activities for this temporary life, but we have forgotten that everlasting life where there will be no death. In this Masjid, at least 300 students are busy in learning. They are away from their homes, families and relatives. Even they cannot go to their homes once a year. They are also human being and have problems like us. Hot weather, cold and hunger are the main problems for them. They said the cold weather is coming and we need new carpets for our madrasa. Therefore, I got new carpets for them. I also request all the Muslim brothers and sisters to help them as they are part of our life. For more details, please watch this video.

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