How can we provide education to the poor and needy, they can enlighten their lives? join.(AWF)

Agreement between Atta Education Support and Al-Nasar Institute for 40 eligible students free of cost Knowledge, understanding and learning are those elements which carry on the world’s affairs. Without knowledge and learning, a human being is like a blind. For a standard and organized society, education is a condition. Unfortunately, in our beloved country Afghanistan, war since decades which still exist have worst impact on us. Literacy level is approximately reached to zero level which is a major issue for us. For the same reason, Atta Education Support is making tireless efforts to increase the education level in the country. For this purpose, an agreement between Atta Education Support and Al-Nasar Institute took place according to which 40 students will be given free education in English, Computer and Kankor preparation. For more details, please watch this video.

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