About Us

Atta Welfare Foundation is a nonprofit, non-political organization that was launched in 2015 by Mr. Attauallah "Shegiwol". Initially, the foundation focused on providing relief to poor communities affected by disasters. Over time, the number of dedicated individuals involved in the foundation increased.

Atta Welfare Foundation's primary objective was to improve education and literacy levels in areas lacking educational facilities. The foundation facilitated the admission of orphaned and underprivileged children into public and government schools and closely monitored their progress. However, initially, the foundation faced financial constraints and limited resources.

Through the hard work of its employees and the support of Afghan individuals both within the country and abroad, Atta Welfare Foundation expanded its services within a year. Today, the foundation operates across the country, aiming to uplift impoverished communities lacking basic resources for a decent living.


Atta Welfare Foundation is a non-political, non-governmental, and non-profit organization dedicated to serving humanity, particularly vulnerable individuals and orphans, in areas such as education, healthcare, water and sanitation, food security, employment, and livelihood support.

Areas of Work:

Initially operating in Nangarhar province, Atta Welfare Foundation has now expanded its reach to other provinces in Afghanistan. The foundation's work encompasses food relief programs, healthcare support, education initiatives, employment assistance, construction of wells and mosques, and other essential services. Atta Welfare Foundation believes that every act of charity contributes to a step towards heavenly blessings.

Distinct Services:

Atta Welfare Foundation distinguishes itself among other social welfare service providers with its exemplary services in various categories:

1. Food Relief Program:

Identifying families whose primary breadwinners have passed away or faced tragic incidents, Atta Welfare Foundation provides comprehensive food packages on a monthly basis.

2. Shelter for Damaged Houses:

Acknowledging the economic conditions in Afghanistan that leave many without safe living spaces, the foundation provides financial support to repair and construct houses or purchases tents for those in need.

3. Medical Support:

Given the devastating impact of war on the healthcare system, Atta Welfare Foundation supports the medical treatment of poor and helpless individuals. In cases where treatment is unavailable in Afghanistan, the foundation arranges for patients to receive treatment abroad.

4. Construction of Water Wells:

Access to clean drinking water is a significant issue in Afghanistan, with some areas lacking water sources entirely. Atta Welfare Foundation has completed about 180 water well projects in various regions of Nangarhar province, addressing this pressing need.

5. Construction of Mosques:

Recognizing that mosques often require reconstruction and rehabilitation due to the ongoing war, Atta Welfare Foundation has registered several mosques for restoration across the country. Site engineers oversee construction activities, ensuring adherence to proper standards.

6. Educational Support:

Acknowledging the low education status in Afghanistan, Atta Welfare Foundation strives to bring about change through educational initiatives. The foundation works to establish schools and motivate individuals to pursue education, recognizing it as a crucial catalyst for national development.

7. Self-Employment Support:

Atta Welfare Foundation assists families in finding sustainable employment opportunities. The foundation offers free courses in various fields, such as literacy, tailoring, carpentry, farming, and poultry, to equip individuals with the skills necessary for self-sufficiency. Regular monitoring evaluates the effectiveness of the self-employment support scheme.

By undertaking these initiatives, Atta Welfare Foundation aims to uplift vulnerable communities, empower individuals, and contribute to the overall welfare and development of Afghanistan.