About Us

A message from the founder

I feel very proud at this stage to present Atta Welfare Foundation in Afghanistan for all those people who are suffering from poverty, Calamity or Misfortune. Atta Welfare Foundation is trying to be among the first to response to help the needy people. 

“The best way to find yourself is lose yourself in the service of others“

The main reason I develop this foundation was to help the people of Afghanistan as they have badly affected by the war on everyone life which makes it really impossible to be stable again. So here, we want to provide such an opportunities that make their life better in future. Especially we are trying to develop capabilities in these orphans and poor people so that they became independent to make their family lives better. Further, providing them a good shelter so their females and children can live safe and secure life. I am very happy to say, that having honest donors and dedicated staff builds our morals more strong. We are very grateful for the support that we get from many individual people that make our work possible. We always welcome support offered in any way. If you are youth, please feel free to visit us and join our activities at any time. 


Atta Welfare Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was initially launched by Mr. Attauallah “shagiwal” in the year 2015. In the beginning, the foundation was limited to only a few devoted and sincere people whose mission was to provide relief to the poor communities with respect to disasters. With the passage of time, the number of these people was increasing day today. Atta Welfare Foundation was set up initially to increase the education and literacy level in the country. Especially in those far areas where there was no facility for learning and teaching. A number of orphans and poor children were granted admission in public and government schools by the Atta Welfare Foundation. The students were carefully followed y by the mentioned foundation .the foundation at the beginning had no sufficient financial resources and support to carry on its functions properly.  Its working scope was limited only to education and literacy. With the tireless effort of Atta Welfare Foundation s hardworking employees and great support of our Afghan brothers and sisters who live inside the country and abroad, we were able to expand our services across the country within a year. Today Atta Welfare Foundation works around the country for the betterment and relief of those poor communities which lack the very basic resources to live a moderate life.

Our Mission

Atta Welfare foundation being non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization is committed to serving humanity especially vulnerable and orphans in areas of education, health care, water well problems, food, employment, clean water, live hood etc.

 Areas of Work

As the Atta welfare foundation was a small organization, at first it only helped needy within Nangarhar province. By the passage of time, the foundation expanded to other provinces in the country and even to several other countries in the region. Atta welfare foundation works around the country and the region in areas that include food relief programs, health care, education support, employment support, construction of masjids, water wells and etc.

Atta welfare Foundation set-up is running in multidimensional areas in Afghanistan. We belief on the famous quote

Every charitable act is a stepping stone toward heaven“

The services which make the Atta Welfare Foundation unique among all other social welfare service providers is its exemplary services in categories:

·         Food Relief program

·         Shelter for damaged Hoses

·         Medical support

·         Construction of water well

·         Construction of Masjid

·         Educational Support

·         Self-employment support

Atta Welfare Foundation has a proper Management System  (website, Database etc.) which store all the progress/jobs they have done in order to serve their peoples everyone can access it from anywhere in the world. So they can claim that they have invested all the money in right place.

Moreover the good reason:

Before severing the donations to people our team member investigate all the Miner details about the family their income, job and other difficulties through which they are facing then

After the collecting the complete details they process all these details then look at for peoples who are more reliable for such a donation.

·         Food Relief program:

o   In this program Atta Welfare Foundation looks up for all those families whose male member are martyred in any bad incidents and they don’t have any other way for their income. Atta Welfare Foundation provides them a complete food package for each month.

·         Shelter for damaged houses:

o   As we all have the knowledge abut the economic conditions of Afghanistan where most of its population is very poor most of them don’t have safe place to live. Atta welfare Foundation searches for such a cases and then provide financial help for example buying tents for them, building and repairing houses shelters.

·         Medical Support:

o   Atta Welfare Foundation supports healthcare for poor and helpless countryman. The fact is that the system had already been severely devastated after decades of war in the country. Atta Welfare Foundation focuses on the standard treatment of all those who cannot pay for their treatment moreover Atta Welfare Foundation send patient to other countries whose cure is not able in Afghanistan.

·         Construction for water well:

o    Drinking water is another big issue in our country most of side area peoples even don’t have clean water for drinking while in same parts they don’t have water to use they bring it from far places, secondly in some Masjids water is not available for ablution till at this time Atta Welfare Foundation completed approximately 132 water well projects in different areas of Nangarhar province.

·         Construction of Masjid:

o   As we Are Muslims we have different areas in Nangarhar where we don’t have Masjids where Muslims performs their prayers Atta Welfare Foundations pay fund from its donations to construct Masjid in such a place and no doubt it’s a big way for getting the pleased sureness of Allah (SWA).

·         Educational Support:

o   As the famous proverb is “ Education is the weapon through which you can change the world “  while the education status in Afghanistan is very low we need big change in this field but unfortunately due to war crisis we don’t have even schools in most parts

Whereas some cannot afford the education Atta Welfare Foundation is working hard to help people to get education and motivate them toward the education which is the only way we can change our Nation.

·         Self-Employment Support:

o   Atta Welfare Foundation help number of families to get a job to earn their live hood and in this case they have arrange different free curses for needy people to learn a way to earn for themselves.