Why Atta Welfare Foundation?

Atta Welfare Foundation is a non-government welfare trust which is located in Jalalabad city of Nangarhar province, Afghanistan. Attaullah Shegiwol is the co-founder of Atta Welfare Foundation who initialized it in 2015 and was officially registered with Ministry of Justice, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in 2016 under the license no 2210.

In the beginning, the foundation had fewer motivated and sincere fellows who worked day and night without any hesitation and reward. Its initial goal was to reduce the poverty level and increase the educational and literacy level in the country.

As Afghanistan is a war torn country, which still passes through a tough situations, the war has brought millions of martyrs and destruction in the country. Thousands of Afghan innocent people have been disabled during the deadly war. This caused the country to go backward. The educational infrastructure has been destroyed. Similarly, joblessness and inflation in the country brought another bad luck for our people.
The government had no sufficient energy to manage the joblessness and control the inflation level in the country.

For these reasons, the co-founder felt need of the existence of such a foundation that could work in the education, food, shelter, skill promotion, rehabilitation and prosperity of the nation.

The foundation worked for years day and night to achieve its goal. Today, Atta Welfare Foundation is famous not only in Afghanistan, but all around the world due to its valuable and unforgettable services to the people of Afghanistan.

Thousands of families in need were given assistance in terms of food, shelter, health, residence, blood donation, private business and skill promotion categories.