Atta Welfare Foundation is an organisation dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Afghanistan. Our current mission is to revolutionise healthcare in Afghanistan by establishing a hospital (AMC) in the capital, Kabul, specifically aimed at serving disadvantaged individuals. We are grateful to have received donations amounting to approximately 5% of the required funds from Cologne, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, Germany; Brussels, Belgium; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Lille, France. We appreciate their aid immensely. These contributions have allowed us to initiate this mission. However, we still need your support. Together, we can turn this dream into a reality!

Every donation, no matter how small, holds the power to make a significant impact on our mission. Your contribution will help bring relief to the eyes of a young child who's been waiting to receive life-saving treatment, which would not have been possible if it weren't for you. By contributing to our cause, you can directly improve the lives of those who are unfortunate. Together, we can provide hope and healing to those who are vulnerable and facing diseases alone— to touch hearts, mend broken spirits, and offer a lifeline to those in need.

Join us on this journey to transform healthcare in Afghanistan. Together, we can build a brighter future for Afghanistan, where access to quality healthcare is no longer a limited resource, and where eyes are filled with hope. Your contributions today can make a difference.

Donate now and save lives.

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