Frequently asked questions

Question:        Who is the founder of Atta Welfare Foundation?
Answer:           Attaullah Shagiwal is the founder of Atta Welfare Foundation.
Question:        Where is the organization situated?
Answer:           Atta Welfare Foundation is situated in Jalalabad city of Nangarhar province.
Question:        When the Atta Welfare Foundation was setup?
Answer:           Atta Welfare Foundation was setup in 2015.

Question:        Is Atta Welfare Foundation registered with any government organization?
Answer:           Yes, Atta Welfare Foundation was registered with the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan under the license no. 2210
Question:        Who support the Atta Welfare Foundation in terms of finance?
Answer:           Atta Welfare Foundation works for the relief and assistance of people in need countrywide. For this reason, people from all around the world provide financial assistance to Atta Welfare Foundation. There is no any specific donor who persistently provides fund to the organization.

Question:        Who are the main beneficiaries of Atta Welfare Foundation?
Answer:           Widows, orphans, disabled people and IDPs are the main beneficiaries of Atta Welfare Foundation.

Question:        What type of assistance is provided by the Atta Welfare Foundation for widows, orphans and IDPs?
Answer:           Education, Food Relief, Ambulance Services, Technical Works, Farming, Health Services, Tailoring, poultry and such others.
Question:        What type of Education services are provided by Atta Welfare Foundation?
Answer:           Atta Welfare Foundation takes a detailed survey to target those students who are welling for education and literacy but,  unfortunately, they are unable to pay against their education. Atta Welfare Foundation registers such students in its database  and grants free admission in public schools, institutes and universities.

Question:       Does Atta Welfare Foundation provide books, uniform and stationary expenses as well?
Answer:          Yes, but they are limited to public schools only. In casual situations, the high level students are also paid against their books, stationary and such other charges.
Question:       To what extent the Atta Welfare Foundation has granted admission to students in public schools, institutes and universities?
Answer:          Atta Welfare Foundation has granted admission to approximately 625 students. The majority of them have finalized their education session.

Question:       How can I send money to Atta welfare foundation?
Answer:          You can send money to Atta Welfare Foundation via Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Account, Direct Office Drop,

Money Exchange and Afghan International Bank (AIB).


Question:        In what fields does Atta Welfare Foundation grant free scholarships to students?

Answer:           The foundation grants free scholarships to poor and eligible students in English Language, Arabic Language, Calligraphy, Computer Science, Kankor preparation and Medical courses like Nursing, Anesthesia, Midwifery, Pharmacy, Gynecology, Medical Laboratory Technician etc.


Question:        Does Atta Welfare Foundation grants free scholarships for the university students?
Answer:           In past, a number of students had been granted free scholarships for the university students. However, the foundation still works on this issue.


Question:        Does the foundation have volunteers who offer free of pay services to the organization or community?

Answer:           Yes, currently the foundation has more than 50 volunteers who offer free services for the organization. The volunteers work side by side with the management team of foundation to bring ease and provide humanitarian assistance to the community.


Question:        Who are the most frequent beneficiaries for the organization?

Answer:           As it is clear to all that the foundation basically works for the betterment of the poor and low level community, the majority of them are widows and orphans. We provided consistence support to them in the field of food, shelter, rehabilitation, clothing and self-employment.


Question:        For how long does the foundation provide assistance to its beneficiaries?

Answer:           Beneficiaries are the main focus point for us. We continue supporting them as long as we are funded by the national and international communities.  Besides the funding, we have reserved a specific budget for the urgent assistance for thosewho face a sudden life crisis like floods, earthquake and IDPs crisis.


Question:       How does the organization organizes the data and information of the people in need?

Answer:          The organization accepts the requests of those who need support or assistance. For this reason, the organization sends survey to take a detailed survey of the   infected family. The surveyor investigates and collect information aboutthe family and records them in a series of documentation. The family data is uploaded to the      database which is accessible from anywhere by the authority of the foundation. After the family has been registered, an ID card is printed for them. Sooner the family is  provided assistance  whatever they have requested.


Question:        Does the foundation have regional or sub offices in the country?

Answer:           No. Atta Welfare Foundation has the only head office in Jalalabad city of Nangarhar province, Afghanistan.


Question:        Does the foundation provide assistance to the needy people outside the country?

Answer:           No. As discussed earlier, Atta Welfare Foundation is registered with Ministry of Justice, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, therefore,the foundation is allowed to work inside  the Afghanistan only.


Question.        Does the foundation provide First Aid and ambulance services to the patients?

Answer:           Exactly. The foundation owns an ambulance equipped with the emergency equipment. The ambulance services by the foundation to the patients is quite free. We have an emergency hotline call number for those who suffer casualties on the highways.


Questions:      Does the foundation provide blood donation to the patients?

Answer:           Yes. The foundation has a well-organized system of blood donation. Blood aid is free of cost for the patients by our foundation.


Question:        Does Atta Welfare Foundation provide assistance to those patients who are not treatable inside Afghanistan?

Answer:           Yes. Atta Welfare Foundation has provided financial and human supports to those patients who were not treatable in Afghanistan. The CEO of Atta Welfare Foundation took the patients abroad by himself.


Question:         What type of assistance has been arranged for the orphans by the foundation?

Answer:           The foundation basically works for the orphans and widows. Orphans are given free scholarships in public schools, institutes and they are certainly provided uniform, books and stationary. On occasion of Eid, they are given new clothes, shoes, gifts and cash twice a year.


Question:        Does Atta Welfare Foundation work in skill programs?       

Answer:           Yes. Atta Welfare Foundation works in a variety of skill programs which include Tailoring, Farming, Poultry, Carpentry and  settlement of ownbusiness for the eligible  community members. The aim of skill programs for the foundation is increase the job opportunities in the country. This way the skilled persons will be able to earn for   themselves.


Question:         How can the foundation’s role will be efficient in reducing the poverty level in the country?

Answer:           The war since decades in Afghanistan has brought the worst impact on the social, political, education, residence and business on the people of Afghanistan. In the very  first opportunity, the foundation is focusing on the increasing level of literacy and education as it is the only way to make their nation free of evils and misleading. In the second opportunity, the foundation works to produce skilled workers by providing them proper workshops and trainings to lead their job.


Question:         Is Atta Welfare Foundation in partnership with other government or NGOs?

Answer:           No. Atta Welfare Foundation’s logo and stamp are the sole proprietorship of Atta Welfare Foundation. We have

                            no partnership with any government or NGOs.