Frequently asked questions

Question:            Who is the founder of Atta Welfare Foundaiton?
Answer:               Attaullah Shagiwal is the founder of Atta Welfare Foundaiton.
Question:            Where is the organization situated?
Answer:               Atta Welfare Foundation is situated in Jalalabad city of Nangarhar province.
Question:            When the Atta Welfare Foundation was setup?
Answer:               Atta Welfare Foundation was setup in 2015.
Question:            Is Atta Welfare Foundation registered with any government organization?
Answer:              Yes, Atta Welfare Foundation was registered with the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan under the license no. 2210
Question:            Who support the Atta Welfare Foundation in terms of finance?
Answer:               Atta Welfare Foundation works for the relief and assistance of people in need countrywide. For this reason, people from all around the world provide financial assistance to Atta Welfare Foundation. There is no any specific donor who persistently provides fund to the organization.
Question:            Who are the main beneficiaries of Atta Welfare Foundation?
Answer:               Widows, orphans, disabled people and IDPs are the main beneficiaries of Atta Welfare Foundation.

Question:            What type of assistance is provided by the Atta Welfare Foundation for widows, orphans and IDPs?
Answer:               Education, Food Relief, Ambulance Services, Technical Works, Farming, Health Services, Tailoring, poultry and such others.
Question:            What type of Education services are provided by Atta Welfare Foundation?
Answer:               Atta Welfare Foundation takes a detailed survey to target those students who are welling for education and literacy but, unfortunately, they are unable to pay against their education. Atta Welfare Foundation registers such students in its database and grants free admission in public schools, institutes and universities.

Question:            Does Atta Welfare Foundation provide books, uniform and stationary expenses as well?
Answer:               Yes, but they are limited to public schools only. In casual situations, the high level students are also paid against their books, stationary and such other charges.
Question:            To what extent the Atta Welfare Foundation has granted admission to students in public schools, institutes and universities?
Answer:               Atta Welfare Foundation has granted admission to approximately 500 students. The majority of them have finalized their education session.

Question:           How can I send money to Atta welfare foundation?
Answer:             You can send money Western Union, Money Exchange, and Direct Bank Transfer you can send through western union Or money Exchange

Receiver Name:           Attaullah Shigiwol
Father Name:               Faizullah 
Country:                        Afghanistan
City:                                Jalalabad,  Ningrahar
Note: After sending Donation please send the receipt to WhatsApp No: 0093781668760