Sponsor a child

Provide education to the children, some of the children are enrolled in private schools and some of the children are enrolled in government schools, all of whose expenses are in the area of stationary, from the Atta Welfare Foundation. In addition to this, buying clothes for children, providing sandals, providing permanent meals to children on holidays, providing them with opportunities for happiness at festivals and other such as occasions. The Atta Welfare Foundation aim is to make the future of these children brighter. 

Primary education 

Atta welfare foundation Help in terms of education 540 children in which 350 girls and 190 Boys are students in different grades.

Higher Education

We introduced 360 Students in 2019 to different institutes in Nangarhar province. 60 of them complete the Computer Science diploma. and 120 students complete their English language courses. 150 students complete their short courses diploma in different technical fields.  Our goal is to admit every year 500 Orphan children in school around the country, Atta welfare foundation is running there programs on donation from all over the world, Our mission is to educate the orphan children in a different province of Afghanistan. if you are interested to donate to atta welfare foundation, you can contact us