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An estimated 3.5 million children are out-of-school in Afghanistan – 70% of them are girls.

Afghanistan has been passing through the worst situations since decades due to the continued war inside the country. Especially, the educational background in Afghanistan has been destroyed. The school buildings were bombarded. The school assets were burnt and the staff was entirely killed. The students were either martyred or forced to migrate to the neighbor countries. The new government in Afghanistan has accelerated its efforts to establish a standard educational curriculum. A number of improvement in the past syllabus have been made. New school buildings have been built. Despite all these efforts, still deficiencies exist in the modern educational system in Afghanistan. For instance, several provinces and districts lack the building, books and chairs facility. The government seems to be failed in providing such facilities for the students. Atta Welfare Foundation focuses on such issue. Education is the first priority for Atta Welfare Foundation. The foundation provides assistance to those students who are willing for education but unfortunately they cannot afford their educational expenses. During the past 5 years, the foundation has provided a number of free scholarships to those students who were interested in education. For this reason, Atta Welfare Foundation signed agreement with multiple institutes, universities and schools. According to these agreements, students will get free education. During the year 2019, Atta Welfare Foundation signed an agreement with the Preston English Language Institute to provide free education to 45 poor students. Besides this, the foundation signed another agreement with the Momin Medical Institute in Nangarhar province for 45 students who were eager to gain education in the medical faculty. Similarly, 10 poor students were introduced for free education to Sayed Jamaluddin Medical Institute and 16 more were introduced to Pamir Scientific Educational Institute. Several orphan students were introduced to private school free of cost. Atta Welfare Foundation took the responsibility of their education, books, stationary and uniform.

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