Food Support

Food Relief Program by Atta Welfare Foundation

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world. In Afghanistan, poverty is widespread in rural and urban areas. However, it has been estimated that poverty in Afghanistan is mainly concentrated in rural areas. In these rural areas, families without enough access to adequate nutrition see many infants and children become stunted, malnourished and die each year. The Afghanistan Poverty Status Update was jointly produced by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's Ministry of Economy and the World Bank. According to its assessment, 36% of the Afghan population remained poor in 2007–08 and in 2012. This meant that more than one in three Afghans did not have enough money to buy food or fulfill their basic needs. The degree of poverty is increasing day to day due to joblessness and work opportunities in Afghanistan. Atta Welfare Foundation works for those who suffer from insufficient food access. They include widows, orphans, disabled and poor people. The foundation provides food relief packages to 150 families in all the provinces in Afghanistan each month.

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