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Medical treatment program by Atta Welfare Foundation

The decades of war destroyed Afghanistan's already-poor health care system. Most medical professionals left the country by 1992, and all medical training programs ceased. User fees have been a major deterrent to accessing health care. The war in Afghanistan left thousands of disabled people who are no more able to work and earn for their families. For this reason, they are forced to beg in the streets. Their number exceeds to thousands each year. Unfortunately, the health care system in Afghanistan is not satisfactory. Several hospitals and treatment centers lack basic facilities as they should be. Poor people cannot afford against their treatment. Afghans spend an estimated $300 million a year on medical treatment abroad, mostly in Pakistan, India, and Turkey. The medicines available in Afghanistan are either fake or expired which have a bad impact on patients. Atta Welfare Foundation focuses on the standard treatment for all those who cannot pay against their treatment either in Afghanistan or abroad. Several patients inside Afghanistan and abroad were given advanced free treatment facilities by Atta Welfare Foundation.

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