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A Masjid is the house of almighty Allah which is available in either countries of the world. Islam is the religion of peace and justice. Muslims around the world have great respect for the Masjid. Taking care of it is the duty and responsibility of each Muslim. Unfortunately, in our country, the Masjids are not taking care by the residents. A Masjid in here, has its own land property but it lacks the its building and clean water for ablution.Atta Welfare Foundation always work for the construction and maintenance of the Masjids. For this reason, I have finalized water well project for this Masjid. Construction activities are also in progress for this Masjid which needs your help to finalize it like cement, breaks, sand and crush, doors and windows, painting and whitening etc. If you donate against your late family members, this is the best opportunity for you to contribute in the Masjid construction.For more details, please watch this video. 

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