Widows Support

According to the United Nations, there are an estimated two million women widows in Afghanistan

Widowed Afghan women are often called “besarparast”, meaning “without-a-head-of-household”. Regardless of whether they work or not or can support their families or not, widowed women are not considered the heads of their own families after their husbands pass. From national television shows to governmental figures to local people, everyone uses the word “besarparast” to describe widowed women without considering how condescending it is. This term assumes that women always need a male head of household and they cannot be considered the owners and decision-makers of their own lives. This word and the thinking behind it is what leads family members and relatives to interject in the lives of woman widows and make decisions about who they should marry, where they should reside, etc. Afghan women who have been left to deal with physical and psychological hardship as sole heads of household constitute one of the most vulnerable social groups in the country. Now These widow do not have someone is their home who can support them whether its financillay or other way, while they have to take care of their Childrens too AWF is providing its best to provide the Basic fascilities to these widows so they can live their life.

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