My widow mother's sick daughter died. Atta Welfare Foundation provided assistance to this mother

This is my widow mother. Nazifa was the only daughter of this mother who used to sell Quranic separa and minor stationary in the bazar and earn for her widow mother who does not have someone who can earn for her. While selling the Quranic separa in the market, the people used unfair words for her. But she was forced to do her job because of her poor family. Unfortunately, her health was fallen down suddenly. After the complete medical examination, it was found that she had cancer and there is no way to save her life. After a painful disease, Nazifa lost her life. Her widow mother did not have money for her funeral. People in neighbor contributed for her funeral. I realized necessary to purchase blankets and food supply for this mother. She has the right over me. For more details, please watch this video.

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